WebTechCon | 23. - 27. Oktober 2017, München

Dienstag, 25. Oct. 2016

By definition an API is a set of protocols, definitions, and tools for building software and applications. But furthermore an API with its ability to connect not only mobile applications with numerous backends as well as devices in the Internet of Things opens a world of completely new business models for developers and service providers. Providing a stable API evolved from being a nice to have functionality to one of the core business features of modern days web.
Weather it grants developers access to consumable data or to rich functionalities offered by a big variety of services, a well-designed API is able to enrich your own application.
Beginning with common principles of designing APIs via release policies up to high-level documentation and security concerns there are a lot of things to consider if you are planning to provide a useful interface. But even more: managing a set of APIs is hard work, and after the deployment you have to keep an API consistent in a sustainable way, to avoid breaking backwards compatibility as far as possible.
The API Day covers the whole spectrum of topics you need to know to build your own API-based business. You will gain deep insights in the areas of API Design, Architecture and Strategy, API Management, as well as Security and Privacy.


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