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WebTechCon | 23. - 27. Oktober 2017, München

25 Oct 2016
17:00 - 18:00
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Serving 30,000,000 Requests an Hour in the Cloud


You’ve written an application and now the worst thing that can happen to you has come about – People are using it! You now have load spikes to deal with. You can scale up to deal with the excess traffic, but what do you do when your load is variable? How do you do that, and stay on budget? Google App Engine is a service that allows for scaling not just up, but down. It’s built to handle wildly alternating load, to allow you to not have to deal with infrastructure, and it has a fantastic PHP implementation for both the original version of App engine and the new flexible runtime option. This session will help you determine if App engine can be a tool that can help you.


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