Advisory Board

WebTechCon | 23. - 27. Oktober 2017, München
Die Konferenz für Web Designer, Entwickler und Software-Architekten



Arne Blankerts

Arne Blankerts solves IT problems long before many companies realize that they even exist. He focuses on IT security, performance and reliability, which he attends to with almost magical intuition creating solutions that clearly bear his hallmark. Companies around the world rely on his concepts and Linux-based system architectures.

Jonas Hellwig


Jonas works as a web designer, video trainer, author and lecturer in Berlin. Besides responsive design, he is specialised in WordPress, Photoshop and workflow optimization in web design. He is the founder of the agency kulturbanause®. At he publishes interesting articles, tips, and tutorials on web design. Jonas is a frequent speaker at events and support web agencies and companies in planning and technical realization of web projects.

Patrick Lobacher

+Pluswerk AG

Patrick Lobacher is a digital native, consultant, trainer, agile coach, developer and author of various books and articles on web devlopment. He is managing director of +Pluswerk AG, a company with 10 offices and more than 130 employees, that designs and realizes digital communication solution for enterprises with an open source focus.

Juliette Reinders Folmer

Advies en zo

Juliette Reinders Folmer is an all round consultant and web-developer who tries not be a geek. Having started with client-side web development in 2000, she furtively tried to avoid server-side web until she was forced to learn PHP at knife-point in 2002 and found herself hooked quite quickly. As she herself would put it “It is more fun than Sudoku, and just as challenging to get it right”. Juliette is a long-standing member of PHPWomen which helped her immensely to find her feet in the PHP world. She is ZCE, actively contributes to a number of open source projects, has published several articles and speaks at conferences when given the chance. Juliette is self-employed and based in the Netherlands.

Sebastian Springer

 MaybornWolff GmbH

Sebastian is a senior software architect with MaybornWolff GmbH. Besides being a JavaScript engineer he’s a frequent speaker on JavaScript at a lot of conferences.

Jakob Westhoff


Jakob Westhoff ist professioneller JavaScript und PHP-Entwickler mit großem Interesse für Web-Architekturen. Nach einer erfolgreichen Karriere als Geschäftsführer, Berater und Trainer bei der Qafoo GmbH arbeitet Jakob heute als Freelancer. Mit seiner Leidenschaft für hoch-qualitativen JavaScript- und PHP-Code, sowie seinen großen Erfahrungsschatz unterschiedlichster Technologien und Architekturen unterstützt er Teams weltweit darin, Probleme zu lösen und komplexe Projekte umzusetzen.

Thomas Wiesseckel

Software & Support Media

Thomas Wießeckel ist seit Anfang 2009 Redakteur bei Software & Support Media. Seine Themengebiete umfassen Webtechnologien und Entwicklung sowie die Bereiche Mobile Development und Open Source. Er arbeitet an regelmäßig erscheinenden Magazinen wie dem PHP Magazin mit und hat das Mobile Technology ins Leben gerufen. Vor seiner Zeit als Redakteur hat er als freier PHP- und Frontend-Entwickler gearbeitet.